founder: the money studio.


3 Simple, Powerful Ways

to Unblock your Money Mindset in 2021

to create the life & freedom you want.

how to unlock your full potential so you can move steadily towards your goals & dreams, feel confident, take action, and thrive

don’t miss our final one happening Wednesday!

in this live 1-hr workshop, you will learn:


the 1 essential question that led me to debt freedom

learn how to reframe your thinking when you’re starting a new money goal, so you can fuel your goals by Purpose


where to start when undoing a block around money mindset

learn an easy, accessible way to release old fears and anxieties around money and step into confidence, clarity, and peace


the 1-word shift to reframe your daily money habits

learn how to stay the course no matter and why it’s so easy to fall off your money goals until we learn this idea

if any of these ring true for you, you don’t want to miss this workshop: 

you're tired of being held back by money worry

you know deep down you’re meant for more and that money anxiety is stealing your ability to be free to make an impact and enjoy life, but you’re just not sure where to start with sorting all this money stuff out

you wish you could break out of scarcity into abundance

you want to be able to go for your dreams and be at peace around money because you know if you did, you could help the people and causes you care about, be generous, and carve out a legacy that lives on, but you feel stuck in not-enough-ness

you're ready to ditch the paycheck to paycheck routine - forever

you know there’s gotta be a better way to handle money than everything that’s coming in going right back out, and you want to be able to look back on the year and have something to show for it

founder: the money studio.

Hi, I’m Sarah!

I help people get rid money stress & anxiety so that we can be free to make the impact we’re born to make and be the change we wish to see in the world.  

For a decade I lived in stress & anxiety with money, paycheck to paycheck, searching for answers so I could be free to create the life & impact I dreamed of making in the world. 

The three ideas I’ll share with you on this workshop are the 3 things that led me to pay off all my debt (on the income I already had), save my rainy day fund, and create the life I dreamed of. 

The Money Studio and everything we do was created so you can be free to create the life & impact you dream of and learn money & mindset tools in a fun, approachable way that actually sticks. 

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