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money, mindset, freedom.

The only program of its kind that combines self-discovery, money mindset tools, the how-to of reaching your goals with tangible, down-to-earth steps for mindset, money, and manifesting.

Learn how to handle your money, unblock limiting beliefs, manifest your goals, and free yourself to be who you’re meant to be.

ring a bell?


You want to feel safe with a cushion of savings and be free from debt


You want to focus on pursuing your passions, not draining your energy on money worries


You're ready to start clearing through blocks around money


You want to uplevel your mindset around money and go from scarcity to abundance


You want a simple step-by-step, hands-on approach to handling money that isn't boring or hard to do

then you’re in the right place

by the end of this class, you will know how to: 


discover and define your money why

ask why you want what you want so that your Journey becomes fueled with deeper meaning


understand the Process of manifesting

know how to get what it is you want, and how to crate any new result in your life, and what inner work you can do to speed up the process of getting there


learn the energetics of money 101

uncover the nature of money and take a down-to-earth approach to the idea that money is energy

learn the 6 steps to mastering your money habits

learn the simple, repeatable system to lead you to reach your money goals in a clear, step-by-step way


release limiting beliefs and negative self-talk

learn how to hear what your money monster is saying to you, and how get back in balance when it flares up

create a written plan for your money each month

learn how to do a written plan for your money that actually supports your goals & gives you freedom to spend

And above all…

You’ll have the confidence and inspiration to reach your dreams, meet your money goals step-by-step, renew your mindset & understanding around money, and ultimately be free to create the freedom and impact you dream of.

join us inside

the money studio.

be free. make an impact.

change the world. 

The Money Studio teaches you the step-by-step of how to plan ahead for your money every month, set and reach your goals, and feel freedom to spend with confidence and peace, guilt-free.

You’ll learn how to have a cushion savings, be free from debt, and still have money to invest in your career & your dreams.

All while diving deep into your Purpose, unblocking limiting beliefs on the conscious and subconscious level, and fast-tracking your ability to manifest the life & impact you truly deserve.

you will learn…

how to make a plan from month to month, even on an unpredictable income

how to have freedom to spend without impulsing or feeling guilty

how to clear away blocks, pain & shame from the past around money

how to be bffs with money instead of pushing it away, being mad at it, or letting it take over your brain

what to do and in what order for your long-view money plan

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you deserve to be free.

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an overview

the 6 chapters we will cover


here’s a deeper look into what you will learn

1 chapter a week for 6 weeks

january 18 – February 26

Weekly Themes
chapter 1: beginning with Purpose

Learn how to uncover the Purpose behind your money goals. Discover and define your money WHY and set the wheels into motion to take inspired action to reach your goals.

chapter 2: the architecture of manifesting

Learn the neuroscience behind getting any new result in your life (aka manifesting) so that you can use it to get more intentional around the internal work we’re doing around money & mindset.

chapter 3: the process (your inner toolbox)

This week is all about giving you practical tools to use so you can disentangle anything that might be holding you back and move forward with ease, especially when it comes to money. Using the power of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to mold and change) you will reprogram old limiting beliefs and experiences so they don’t have such an effect on you in the present moment. 

chapter 4: the energetics of money

Everyone’s favorite, this week’s lessons are all about reframing our understanding of money so we can have a healthy relationship with it. During this week, we have fun because we bring it into the tangible – using things like blocks, legos, and water!

chapter 5: the steps to RISE

My personal favorite week, you will learn the 6 steps I took to become totally debt free with a fully-funded rainy day fund, on an unpredictable freelance income.

chapter 6: Visual step-by-step how-to's

This week we get hands-on while you make your own Plan. Watch over my shoulder as I show you exactly how I do mine!

these bonuses are also included!

Bonus 1: The Money Studio Student Community

6 weeks together in our private members-only community on Facebook.  Stay accountable, connect with other students, get inspired, and ask questions. We LOVE this part of class, so get ready to have fun in there!

Bonus 2: Live, Interactive Q&A's & Discussions

Weekly live, interactive Q&A’s and discussion groups on Zoom so that we can connect as a community, share thoughts, and ask questions.  We will collaboratively choose the time that’s best for our weekly Q&A’s inside the private student-only community.

Bonus 3: Live Guided Imagining Evening

A live group Guided Imagining with me on Zoom (like a guided meditation) and time afterwards to reflect together, in the moment, and journal together. 

Bonus 4: Side Hustles that Ain't Soul-Sucking

Get access to my program Side Hustles That Ain’t Soul-Sucking, a program designed for increasing your income with simple side hustles!  This program is a rich resource for you if you’re looking to bump up your income, and can also be used as a strategy to grow an existing career opportunity or business! 

Hear from our grads…

“Hope, encouragement, and action are what Sarah cultivates with the community she’s created. I have the confidence and motivation to move forward with my financial goals because of the plan I have in place thanks to Sarah’s guidance. However, as important and freeing as it is to have my plan, it is the mindset tools that are the real hero in the story. Her tools in shifting the mind from impossible to possible and beyond played a big part in getting me through 2020. Sarah taught me how to utilize and find side hustles based on the skills I already had that helped me bridge my financial gap allowing me to gain control and a sense of direction when so much seemed to be in chaos.  I am so happy to have her as an example of what is possible and what absolutely CAN be done!”

-Ashlie, 2020 Graduate

“I cannot recommend Sarah’s class enough. Her effervescent and positive energy makes everything feel light and fun, and her belief in her system always held me accountable and inspired me to stick to it. I never had a system to manage my money before I took Sarah’s class. I always had anxiety around money and beliefs that there would never be enough of it because of my chosen career path.

I was just convinced that I was going to be a starving artist forever and got used to getting down to single digits in my checking account. Lo and behold, I now have over $15K saved up in an emergency fund, a repeatable cash flow plan that I do every month, a sense of control over my finances, an ability to plan for big purchases or future goals/trips/dreams, and a feeling of stability and safety on an unpredictable actor’s income – and I manifested ALL of this during a freaking pandemic.

Seriously, I took her class in June 2020. I never thought that was possible. And when she says “freedom to spend,” she means it! I am a shopper. I love buying things and spending money. With her system, I did not have to give that up at all! I can have stability and freedom to buy things for myself – but now I make informed choices every month on exactly where that money goes. She even inspired me to start my own voice teaching business! I signed up in the last 5 minutse before registration closed because taking control of my money habits felt impossible and like I’d have start restricting my life and cutting out fun stuff. It is the opposite. I feel more empowered to spend my money where I want and when I want because I know exactly how much is coming in and how much is going out. I’m never going back! Thank you Sarah for helping rid money anxiety from my life!”

-Samantha, 2020 Graduate

Before I met Sarah I was absolutely terrified of looking at my budget. I was a working a restaurant job, and was in an endless loop of never having enough money, and not being able to make a dent in my debt. I was frustrated, and felt hopeless. Fast forward to March 2020! I started using her methods and was experiencing huge breakthroughs! Through her class I was able to take those first steps to look at my budget, make a plan and change my life. I am SO grateful for this program. I began studying with Sarah just 2 weeks before I was laid off due to Covid 19. I am SO grateful I have had her tools during this time. Not only have I been surviving, I have been THRIVING. I was able to put almost 15K in savings, which really helped me to feel secure and safe. My fiancé and I were also approved for a new apartment in Franklin Village in Los Angles, with no jobs, just based on our savings! If you are a freelance artist and feel out of control with your finances, I highly recommend enrolling in this program and taking the first step to change your life today!

-Jen, 2020 Graduate

“Financial stress & lack mindsets have been passed down through generations of my family. Even as I began to find my own version of success as a young freelance artist in my 20’s, a deeply held belief lie in wait: that I will always drown under the weight of debt, lack, and anxiety around money no matter my income or artistic achievements. 2020 set me back even further — now, not only did I have this long-held belief running the show, but suddenly no contracts, no income, and no end in sight. In the midst of all this, a light flickered and soon became a blaze: toRISEtogether, The Money Studio, and Sarah. Taking class in June radically shifted my understanding of how our relationship to money is directly connected to our self-worth. It’s here where I first even knew to look for that prickly belief hiding in the shadows, pushing me along in every financial decision, big or small. Here’s the honest truth: I am still working my way up to my fully funded rainy day fund and diligently watching my debt cascade down the waterfall, BUT I would never have been able to TAKE ACTION with my money until I met Sarah. I was previously paralyzed; I can now see the horizon & walk toward it with money peace & confidence I did not know existed. I am FOREVER grateful and cannot WAIT to see where this takes me.”

-Ellie, 2020 Graduate

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you deserve to be free.

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peek inside the member’s area.

did someone say workbook?
peek inside the written resources…

What's the schedule?

You will receive one new week of content each Monday morning. They are called chapters. Each week on Friday we will meet live for Q&A and discussion around that week’s content, or whatever is coming up for you.

How much time does it take each week?

The lessons are all between 5-10 minutes, with a couple of longer lessons & demonstrations peppered in.  The Guided Imaginings span from 7 to 17 minutes long. For the exercises related to each lesson, we suggest about 20 minutes or so (some more, some less depending on the exercise). Overall, we suggest about 2 hours a week as a general benchmark, and more if you want to go deeper with this work. 

what's a guided imagining?

A Guided Imagining is sort of like a visualization or meditation experience. It is designed to be a relaxing experience that lets your waking mind take a back seat and your parasympathetic nervous system (like when you’re dreaming) be active so you can access your subconscious mind and reprogram any beliefs that have been holding you back.

will you be there, sarah?

Yes, yes, and yes, yes, yes! Teaching our class, leading you through, and supporting you is my priority during our time together. 

what if I fall behind?

If you ever feel behind, you will hear me say that you are at the right place at the right time. I’ve structured the syllabus and chapters to lead you through some weeks that are rigorous and some that are lighter, so you can process what you’re learning. We make all of the class material downloadable so that you can keep it forever and continue working at your own pace.

will I be able to interact with other students?

Yes! The first cohort and I have collaboratively planned ways for you to have popup meet & greets, watch parties, accountability pods, and who knows, maybe even a dance party. Our live Q&A calls on Zoom are also meant to be interactive so you can share, reflect, and process together as a community.

what if i can't make one of the live events?

We’ll record all of the live Q&A calls, and any other popup discussion groups, as well as the live Guided Imagining and add those to the members area for you. 

enroll now

you deserve to be free.

5 monthly payments of


a one-time payment of


2020 taught us the importance of learning how to take care of money lives…

When I heard NYC & LA had gone on lockdown, my heart fell to the floor.

I also felt strangely relieved.

Relieved because the 8 students in the first cohort of The Money Studio were safely in my hands, in community, and already learning about how to change their mindset & habits with money. I knew these 8 wonderful people had exactly what they needed to weather the storm.

But my heart sank knowing so many people who weren’t in our class, and didn’t have the tools in The Money Studio were worried about money.

Inside the class, I saw my students take leaps and bounds once they said YES to joining.

Jen built her savings to the highest it’s ever been. Ellie started to unravel and release money blocks from the past. Sam zoomed ahead on her plan, started upping her income, and she’s already debt free. Ashlie started to heal her relationship with money and start working for herself. Jaleesa realized that planning ahead meant freedom to spend, and she didn’t have to live on rice & beans to meet her money goals.

You don’t have to be one of the ones left behind. YOU deserve the transformation that comes inside the program. Say yes to yourself right now.

Because if 2020 has taught us a lesson, it’s when we take care of our relationship with money, when the storm comes, we can ride the waves, stay steady, and to be the change we wish to see in the world.



 Hi, I’m Sarah! 

The Money Studio was born when I went public with my dirty little secret.

I shared publicly that I had gotten through paying off about half of my debts and I had half to go, and suddenly I was getting DMs and emails every day asking my help.

But, rewind… For ten years I had tried and failed over and over to change my mindset & habits around money, and was stuck in a loop of feeling like a failure and living paycheck to paycheck, always worried & stressed about my money life.

It all changed when I discovered the mindset tools & simple habits I teach you in The Money Studio, and I went from living paycheck to paycheck to having 3 months saved ahead on my bills. I went from zilcho in savings to having a 6-month rainy day fund, and (my fave) I paid off all my debt and stepped into a life of freedom & impact.

Now I want to help you transform your mindset & habits around money too so you can shine your light brightly & make the impact in the world you’re born to make.