The energetics of debt – is it fueling your dreams or stealing from them?

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Is debt blocking your dreams from manifesting?

On today’s episode, we’re talking about the energetics of debt, and whether it’s fueling your freedom (like we’re supposed to believe) or blocking your dreams from coming true.

The energetics of debt are important to understand if you dream of getting rid of yours. The history of everyday debt (yep, there was a time before student loans and credit cards were household items) can help you understand what role debt is playing in our lives, or in the companies that profit from you being in debt.

We noodle on the nuts & bolts of toRISEtogether: how to transform mindset blocks, reprogram subconscious limitations, and dissolve glass ceilings to get to a higher sense of worthiness and deservingness so that we can allow our dreams to manifest.

If your dream is to become debt-free like I did, this episode is a fantastic insight into my early days when I was still in debt but desperately longing to be free of it.

Learning these energetics, listening into my own feelings, and getting curious (not just scared) about my debt was an important pre-cursor to my Journey, and I hope at the end you feel seen.

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