your 5-step

post-it planning party


planning party

how to give yourself permission to spend guilt-free & create a plan for where your money will go, so you never have to wonder where it went.


the money studio.

time for
a post-it planning party!

watch me & follow along

in this video training & workbook, you will learn…


how to figure out where your money will go instead of wondering where it went


how to happen to your money instead of letting it happen to you


the simplest approach to planning ahead on an unpredictable income


down-to-earth mindset shifts to start feeling better about yourself & how you handle money

hold up…

have you got your fantabulous workbook printed & ready to go?

 Hi, I’m Sarah! 

toRISEtogether was born as a movement of freelancers getting their money shizzle in line so they can be free to do the work that matters. 

I got here by paying off the very last $75K of what started as $145K in debt in 32 months flat on a scrappy freelance income (and sadly no magical unicorns). 

It took me a decade to figure out a system that worked.  I tried everyone else’s tools, books, and budgeting apps, until I realized I needed a system that combined mindset & simple habits for “the rest of us.” 

the Money Studio was created so you can be free to create the life and career you dream of and make the impact you were born to make, and I’m so excited you are taking this free training!


 Hi, I’m Sarah! 

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