no clue,

no predictable income

no mad skills with money (in fact I was a diSASter with it)

no secret rich uncle

no spaceships full of money that suddenly dropped from the sky

I did it.  

I did the impossible.  

I paid off the very last $75K ($75,367.92 to be exact) of my debt in 32 months flat, became debt free, and finally reached my dream of being creatively and artistically free.  Free to say no to the shit I didn’t wanna do anymore, and free to say YES to the artistic things I had wanted to do for so long

and all that with: 

an unpredictable freelance musician income 

living in New York City 

paying ALL my own bills 

and launching my solo career 

all at the same time. 


I had searched for a decade for the answers, for someone to show me how to become debt free, become financially free, to get off the hamster wheel of hustling for whatever pays so I could finally be free to create the work that really mattered to me, and no one ever showed up.  

I gathered little bits here and there over 10 years and discovered theMethod: 

it is simply this:

theProcess + thePlan 


I encountered two completely separate worlds:

One that said just meditate your way to abundance.  That made me feel good, but it didn’t do anything about my messy-ass terrible money habits or living paycheck to paycheck. 

One that shoved data, spreadsheets, and budgeting apps in my face, and that was so damn uninspiring I could never get past a few weeks in, and yet again, the student loan and credit card balances just mounted, and my savings stayed at zilch. 


Because to be truly creatively and artistically free, to finally be able to quit playing small, living for the next piddly paycheck, and start doing the work that really matters in the world, you must rise to the occasion, you must show up for yourself, you must start. 


All it takes is one foot in front of the other to rise to the top of this mountain.  

as you rise, we all rise together. 


it’s time to flip this.  

yes, we can achieve financial freedom 


so that we can be creatively free and make the impact we were born to make