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Hey, I’m Sarah!  I’m a classical soprano who invented my own system for becoming debt free and saving my emergency fund.  Now, I teach other freelancers and performing artists how to do what I did and I founded toRISEtogether to support you in your journey! 

I’ve discovered some grants here and there for you all to apply for, and I’m sharing that info on this page and updating it weekly for you.  

Love, Sarah

During this wibbly wobbly time, many organizations are accepting applications for grants. 

If you are a performing artist and you’ve ever filed taxes with 1099’s, the IRS considers you a small business, so GUESS WHAT – YOU are eligible for small business grant programs! 


We are updating this list weekly with grants we find.

These are for you if you’re: 

an artist – performing artists especially 

a small business owner or a sole proprietorship (meaning you work for yourself) 

someone affected by the pandemic (which is you, theater artists & musicians!) 

you are pivoting your business model due to the pandemic (like teaching online music lesssons) 

you are pivoting your entire career due to the pandemic (like starting up your own side hustle or small business) 

you identify as BIPOC (this is considered a minority-owned business)

you self-identify as LGBTQIA (this is also considered a minority-owned business)

you are a woman and you have a side hustle or small business (this means you are a woman-owned business)  

lemme repeat: 

if you are in the performing arts and you ever file your taxes using 1099’s from gigs you’ve done, you are considered a small business by the gov’t and thus you need to treat yourself as a small business owner, not a hobbyist or a dreamer.  DO NOT SELF-SELECT OUT OF THESE GRANTS.  Put the few minutes in and do the applications.  People are looking to help those of us affected by the pandemic, take the time to ask for this help, and you will open up new possibilities for yourself very quickly with just one yes.  

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title of grant

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