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RISE : the Class
Say goodbye to confusion, overwhelm, and stress around money.

and say goodbye to debt while you’re at it.

RISE : the Class is deep dive into the mindset shifts and strategies that are at the core of the RISE method. 

This class is a month-long journey that dives into theFormula, the one and only proven system created for artists and freelancers to handle your money, build a cushion of savings, become debt-free, and have a sustainable, repeatable plan you can use for the rest of your life, together with a community of like-minded artists, and led by me, the founder of the RISE movement.

if you are

a freelancer, an artist, or a creative person

And you want to learn a sustainable, repeatable approach to managing your money so that you can skyrocket your savings and rapidly pay off your debts once and for all, then you’re in the right place.

If you want time and space to focus on creating the work that really matters, say YES to the projects that light you up, and no to the work that drains you, then you’re in the right place. 

For 14 years, I’ve taken the most powerful elements of mindset work and money management strategies that are the most effective, and combined them into one simple process to achieve outstanding results for both myself and my students.

and have FUN while we’re doing it. 

Now, it's your turn

RISE : the class

The only program of its kind that:


» Defines a simple, step-by-step, repeatable method of planning income and expenses ahead, with an unpredictable income. 


» Defines a clear vision of your future as it relates to your finances, so you are sure to achieve the results you set out to achieve.


» Gives you the mindset shifts to reframe your relationship with money.


» Equips you with a simple strategy for paying off every last debt.


» Provides community and accountability that ensures your success.


It’s no accident that our students have gotten results.

Like tripling their savings accounts in just 8 weeks.

It’s not magic.


It’s not luck.


It’s RISE.  

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Below is a complete breakdown of the month-long class.

If you decide to join me for the class, you are making a commitment to say goodbye to the crap that used to hold you back and start creating the life and career you dream of.  One that’s full of possibility, hope, and laid on a sure, steady foundation that will support your creative freedom.  

If you are still reading, my guess is that something inside you knows you’re ready to do this. 

You’ve heard that little voice and it’s starting to become a roar. 

Now is your time. 

This is your moment. 

to RISE. 

Module One 


Get crystal clear on what you want your life to look like when you have financial freedom and clearly define what that means for your career.

In this module you will:

-Discover your money WHY

-Articulate your vision of creative and artistic freedom

-Create a crystal clear definition of your financial freedom

-Declare your purpose for shifting how you think about and manage your money

Module Two 


Shift your mindset around money, understand it as an element instead of just a word, and write a new script and inner monologue as it relates to your ability to manage your money.

In this module you will:

-Develop an arsenal of positive affirmations to counteract negative self talk around money

-Understand money as an energy form 

-Start to heal any past blocks around money that you picked up from family, industry, or society

-Break free of limiting beliefs that are holding you back

-Uncover if you have created a glass ceiling for yourself and how to break through it

Module Three 


The biggest mistake you could ever make when you start to manage your money is to start with numbers.  

We laid the foundation in the first 2 weeks of the program, so that you are prepared and ready.  By the time you reach Module 3, you are clear on WHY, you know your purpose, you’ve recognized and cleared through blocks, and the work in Module 3 becomes easy. 

Yep, easy

In this module you will learn how to:

-Plan your income and expenses before the month begins using a simple, proven, repeatable method that never involves a spreadsheet

-Achieve debt-freedom for life using the one and only system for eradicating every dollar of your debt in a methodical, step-by-step way, no matter how large or how small

-Get ahead on your bills by one month, two months, or more

-Plan ahead for large expenses so that you never have to use debt to cover them again

-Manage an unpredictable income, even one that swings way up or down from month to month

-Protect yourself from unexpected expenses so that you never have to borrow money again in an emergency 

-Handle small, day-to-day expenses using a simple system for your wallet

-Equip yourself with a toolbox so the stress of financial chaos can never steal from your creativity or stand in the way of you achieving your dreams again

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4 monthly payments of


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Module Release Calendar • Live Q&A Calendar

Welcome Week Begins Monday, May 25th!

You have lifetime access to the class materials (video lessons, meditations, Q&A recordings, and PDFs) so you cannot fall behind, but we strongly encourage you to move through with the group as best you can to feel the momentum and support of the group. 

We go farther together.  It’s more fun together.  We RISE together.  

Have a tribe of people you are learning with together to support you and keep you accountable.  

Be inspired and held accountable by your cohort of classmates, so that when you graduate you do so ready continue the journey and stay inspired.


During our daily accountability check-ins inside of our private accountability group, and during our weekly live Q&A sessions with Sarah, we get into community, support each other, and have fun while we’re learning together.


You will never have to figure out this money stuff alone again. 

You are supported every step of the way inside our private community by Sarah who is devoted to answering your questions, and keeping you accountable every day inside our private community.   

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 – low monthly –

4 monthly payments of


 – Best Value –

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Real Talk

This class isn’t right for everyone. 

Enrolling in this class could be the best decision you ever make in your life, that sets you up to completely change your ability to handle money and create the life and creative & artistic freedom you dream of. 

It could also be like locking your money in a safe and losing the key, so you never ever see it again, and still expecting to see a return on your investment. 

How will you know?

Because I’m going to be totally honest with you about who this class is for, who it’s not for, and you’re going to get totally honest with yourself about which is you.

This class is right for you if:
You are fed up with your financial situation and fired up about making a change once and for all. 

You pay your own bills. 

You have tried figuring out how to manage your money before, and nothing really worked or stuck.

You are tired of debt and want to be free of it.

This class is NOT right for you if:
You sort of kind of maybe think it would be a good idea to maybe start checking your bank account balance every once in a while.  

Your parents, BF, GF, or VF are paying your bills for you.  

You are closed off to learning a new money management system that does not use any apps or spreadsheets.  

You’re besties with Sallie Mae or sleep with your credit cards under the pillow and never want to part from it. 

A note to my married & partnered couples:
If you are married, and all your money goes into one pot (I fully support this!) but your spouse will not be doing this work with you, please do not take this class.  This will create strain in your marriage if only one of you is doing this work. You must commit to doing this class together if you share your finances.  If you do this work together, it will strengthen your relationship.  

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 – low monthly –

4 monthly payments of


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Questions?  Ask away!