Using Self-Love to Heal Your Relationship with Money

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When I first wanted to make a change in my money life, I’d start looking at my finances (*ahem* my money mess) and it would lead straight into beating myself up for being such a hot mess with money.  I should know better, do better, be better…


Know the feeling?


It doesn’t have to be that way.  


In fact, if you approach your Journey to healing your money life by beating yourself up for your past mistakes or blaming past circumstances, you’ll surely end up even worse off than you are now, so trust me, don’t do it! 


Healing your money life is an act of loving yourself well and stepping into true deservingness on a deeper level. You don’t deserve to live in stress from paycheck to paycheck, or live the rest of your live drowning in debt and money chaos.  


You deserve to be free to pursue the life and work your heart is calling for.  That’s how your unique creativity can actually make a positive change in your community and in the world.  Sure, you may have to face a mess, but it’s completely solvable, and definitely worth it. 


Today you’ll hear a pivotal moment in my life when I heard a powerful idea that totally reframed my Journey with money from one steeped in secrecy and shame into an act of healing and radical self-love.  


By the end of the this episode, you’ll understand how engaging with your money is actually a radical act of self-love and deep healing that will help you open the portal to your creativity and potential. 


I’m so excited to share this with you, so press play and let’s get to it!  




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