5 simple steps to a side hustle that ain’t soul-sucking

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Once upon a time, I was in a career mindset class with the best performers on Broadway, and our acting teacher asked us to raise our hands if we hated our day jobs (or the jobs we do between big contracts). 

Every single person in that room raised their hands except for me.

In that moment, I realized I was the exception. I had created a side hustle for myself that I actually enjoyed, that helped me reach my dream of becoming debt-free even faster, and fit in well with my freelance performing career. 

If you feel like you don’t have the wiggle room that you’d like to be able to pay off your debt, or save for your starter Rainy Day Fund, or save your PMOT Fund (your Putting Myself Out There Fund), or your Hill & Valley Fund, or even take a little time off, then by the end of this episode you will have the simple steps you need to start a side hustle that’s not soul-sucking and make some extra money with the know-how you already have inside of you this very minute. 

You’re about to learn 5 simple steps to starting a side hustle to make some extra dough right away doing something you actually enjoy that doesn’t steal from your artistic career, but actually supports it.

The TRT version of SASS (Side Hustles that Ain’t Soul-Sucking) is super easy and free to get up and running.  


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Here are the 5 Simple Steps to a Side Hustle that Ain’t Soul-Sucking: 


Step 1

Figure out what your side hustle will be. Remember to think of things that you already do well, and people are already asking you for help with.  


A simple side hustle should be something you can already do, remember, this isn’t your dream career here, it’s something that won’t sap your energy and concentration, and is something you enjoy helping people with. 


Step 2
Jot down a list of people you know who are making money doing that thing already, and reach out to them for a virtual coffee date.  


Part of the Architecture of Manifesting is to find people who already have the thing (or quality) you’re wanting to call in or attract, so that your subconscious can see them as examples that it is possible for you, too, so don’t skip this step.  


It’s also great to ask practical questions about how they got started, how much they charge, how they find clients or projects, etc. 


Step 3
Write out a list of people who might be able to connect you to the people who need people who ain’t broke kind of people who are looking for what you do! 


This step is key to getting in motion.  Remember, the people who are looking for how you can help this very minute are just a couple of connections away! 


Step 4
Set a numbers goal and write it down somewhere you can see it. 


Hot Tip: If you have no idea what your numbers goal should be, you probably aren’t living on a Plan for your Paychecks!  Make sure you’ve grabbed our very cool, very free training that will teach you how to make a plan using the neuroscience-meets-art method for artistically-minded people who are scared of numbers, hate spreadsheets, but love sticky notes, colorful markers, and glitter bombs.


Step 5
Take action!  


Manifesting Tip: Action is the very last step of manifesting something new (you heard that in the Architecture of Manifesting) so DO these 5 steps, don’t just think them.  

Then, watch that moolah hit your bank account and celebrate!


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