How to reach your dreams when they seem impossible

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In this episode, you’ll learn how to connect the dots between your present reality and your biggest dream, especially when it feels way bigger than you, and you feel super far away from achieving it – or worse, that it might never come true.
You’ll learn a simple 2-part exercise to build the bridge to the new reality you dream of using 2 principles from Sarah’s Architecture of Manifesting and the power of neuroplasticity to get you there with more ease and less struggle. 
If you look around your life right now and secretly think you might be nuts for dreaming your big dream, then by the end of this episode you’ll have what you need to start believing you’ll manifest it with confidence, clarity, and ease.

after you listen to the episode, take the biggest dream you want to manifest and do this simple 2-part exercise:

Part One:

First, grab a piece of paper or your journal. 

Write down 5 people you know who already have that thing you are manifesting in their lives. 

To make this list, first think of people who you actually have a relationship with.  If you can fill all five spots, that’s awesome.

If you have a couple of spots left, second, think of the people you’re acquainted with, and write them down. 

If you still have one or two of the five left to fill, think of examples from stories you’re heard on a podcast, on a show, on TV, in a movie, etc.  It’s fine if they’re fictional. 

Now, with a spirit of curiosity, think of everything you know about how each of those five people reached having thing that you want. 

If you don’t know, just make it up, that’s totally fine.

Part Two: 

Sit quietly, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths to start to calm your nervous system, then imagine you’re at a campfire with six logs around the campfire. 

If you’re not a campfire person, just imagine a circle of six seats somewhere that resonates with you.

Now, imagine yourself sitting on one of the seats.

Then go ahead and imagine each of your five people, one at a the time, coming to sit on the logs until all 5 seats are filled, and allow each of the five people affirm that you can do it, they can see how close you really are to your manifestation, and on and on.  

This part of the exercise is key from a neuroscience perspective for your brain to see that this really is possible, which draws your dream closer to manifesting into your reality on a subconscious level.


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