How to break free of a crappy money past so it stops screwing your present

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Ever have something crappy happen in the past around your money that keeps screwing up your present?

Yeah, me too!  So… 

I’m diving into how to pinpoint moments in your past that are holding you back TODAY from abundance.  

On today’s episode you’ll learn about:

      • Financial trauma and how to heal it 
      • How to choose self-care over spreadsheets
      • 5 questions to answer to figure out if you have money traumas in your past 
      • The 1 key to breaking free of money trauma in your past, and how to do it right now

You’ll also learn a secret about handling money that can uplevel your mindset for good. 

The four questions mentioned in the episode that you can ask yourself to find out if you have financial trauma holding you back are: 

    • Were there stories around money when I was a kid that keep playing out in my life now?
    • Has some big event ever happened with money in my life like a job loss or an illness?
    • Do I find myself triggered or wanting to avoid even just the word money?
    • Do I avoid looking at my bank account, no matter how much money is in there?

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