5 steps to cure paycheck to paycheck living, even on an unpredictable income

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If you’ve been struggling to figure out how to get ahead with your money and break free from paycheck to paycheck living, this episode is gold, especially if you have an unpredictable income, or an income that changes from month to month. 


These 5 steps are the sexiest way to tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.  

The TRT method (that actually sticks) feels nothing like a budget and everything like a popup book and a scrapbook had a baby that cures the merry-go-round of hustling just to live paycheck to paycheck and never be able to get ahead. 

After you hear (and DO) this episode, you will never have to look back and say, “I made that much? Where’d it all go?” again. You will be able to see yourself moving steadily towards your dreams so you can live your dreams instead of just dreaming them. 
Get your sticky notes, get your gel pens, get your glitter bombs and your disco balls, because today the Planning Party is ON! 
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This training is the only training that exists to teach you how to get it together if your income fluctuates or you’re a freelancer, so get your sweet buns in there so you can start moving towards your dreams and be free from money stress forever! 
Here’s your link for Episode 13, all about the why, the what, and the rules of rainy day funds, called The Life-Changing Power of a Rainy Day Fund: https://torisetogether.com/2021-03-what-an-emergency-fund-is/
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