Fixing the freelancer feast or famine cycle

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If you have a roller coaster of an income, like a great roller coaster, it can leave you totally green in the face and wanting to barf.  
If you’ve ever had an income hangover when you’ve had a really good month with a great income, followed by a dry months with zilch coming in, in this episode, you’ll learn what a Hill & Valley Fund is and how it smooths out your crazy up and down income so that you never have to suffer in the lean months again, or worse, go into debt to cover it! 
In this episode, I mention Episode 7, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up your Life & Moolah, so to hop over there, click here. 
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  • P.S.  It’s especially good if you have an unpredictable income like I do! 
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It’s the one where you meet the money monster for the first time and learn how to beat negative self-talk around money.
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